My Apologies

Ladies and gentlemen, yes I am assuming your pronoun based on factual scientific data. No, I will not cater to the psychological disorders of the wicked and no, I will not apologize for this small rant. What I do need to apologize for is my absence. I, like many patriots; allowed myself to get completely distracted and side tracked.

The distractions of this life are many and patriots everywhere are falling victim to complacency, defeat, and depression in some cases. Those complacent individuals think they will have a chance in the next election or feel as if nothing can change until then. Those defeated saw the footage of the fraud, Rally goers and veterans being attacked for standing up for the constitution, and patriots held without bail while Antifa and BLM members are set free. For too many this has led to depression, a hopelessness that says, “Nothing will change. We’re F****ed!” For good reason, Nancy Pelosi calling for a recount in Iowa to unseat a, “duly elected official. Challenging our Democracy”(using their words during the 2020 Electoral Steal) Voter laws being changed so anyone can vote, thousands of illegals at the border and a major tax increase on the way that the left foolishly states, “will not cause businesses to raise prices.”

Wake Up America!! (I’m speaking to myself too.) We Have to wake our communities up!! We have to stoke that fire. Call out the Senators, Representatives and churches for their cowardice. We have to stand and let our voices be heard before we have no voice left because we’re even losing that. What are YOU doing? Sitting on the couch watching Netflix and Hulu? On your phone or computer? Going to work everyday because you have to? If we don’t wake up and fix this, in ten years there will be nothing left to fix.

I apologize America…I almost failed you and myself. If we do not continue to sacrifice and persevere are we American’s? I think not! American’s started a Revolution to defeat and escape the tyranny of King George. A few of our Founders did not think of “We The People” as meaning everyone. A couple of them believed it to mean only the wealthy and well educated. The majority did though. It was the whole reason everyone fought. It was the reason for our founding documents were created, to keep tyranny at bay. The rest was up to us as citizens hence the 2nd Amendment…This was made specifically due to King George attempting to DISARM the public. Second Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. If, as the fed believes; The military is the Militia…then they have failed us too. In my factually based opinion they took the oath to defend us and our constitution and Bill of Rights from all enemies foreign and domestic… NOT the government!!!! I apologize America for my inaction the past month, let’s not let this happen again.

We have to continue the fight… God speed patriots.

Published by John Q. Publius

One of many Volunteers.

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